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by News Front Xyz May 12, 2020
Retrieving Activation Code with DiSa Number


DiSa Number is issued to every Lenovo devices. It is a unique number consisting of ten digits and starts with 100…The number is generally located on the side of the device, near the UPC on the packaging or during the activation by powering on the device at the bottom.


What is exactly DiSa Number?

The purpose of DiSa Number lies in its uniqueness. Each DiSa Number is required for the thorough activation of the device. DiSa Number is the Point of Sale Activation, roughly known as the digital asset protection solution. The Point of Sale Activation or PoSa is essentially a solution of software-based enabling the sequence of activation of the products which are verified after the unlock process.


About PoSa Activation Code

A unique activation code is provided in printed receipt along with the unit of device purchased. This activation code is required to activate the device successfully as part of the verification. Such products are known as DiSa enabled products. With the onetime entry of the activation code or via a seamless device connection, the product is activated within one time only. The main aim of PoSa technology is to prevent retail theft.


Relationship between PoSa Activation Code and DiSa Number

Both the DiSa Number and PoSa Code is a unique pair that is identified separately buy a black and yellow padlock colored logo on the product box. Before purchasing any Lenovo product, always look for this pair to verify the authenticity of the products and the retailer. That is because only the authorized seller and retailer have the authorization to issue the Activation Code for the device on a printed receipt post-purchase. Walmart is the authorized retailer of the Lenovo.

Authorized retailers are also known as Suppliers who only have the authority to implement the DiSa Number Security to the devices they are selling.  As discussed earlier, the DiSa Number in the product must match with the DiSa Number printed outside and match with the pairing code provided alongside PoSa Code. In case, they do not match, the product must be immediately returned to the authorized retailer from where they have purchased the product.


DiSa Number acting as detection for PoSa Activation

Apart from identifying the authenticity of the product, DiSa Number has another primary purpose. Since the PoSa Activation Code is provided separately by the provider post-purchase, therefore sometimes, there is a chance of misplacing the code of one with another one. Many purchasers who are unaware of the activation code would not know about the activation and walk away without printed code. Or, you may accidentally misplace the activation code. Whatever may be the reason, entering incorrect code will display the following results:

  • On entering incorrect code, the message ‘Incorrect Code Activation’ will be displayed before you can re-enter the code three seconds later.
  • On entering incorrect code three consecutive times, the activation screen will display the following message, “Try Again in xx seconds” within 1 to 29 seconds.
  • On entering incorrect code more than 40 times, the screen will display, “Only xx Attempts Remaining” and the remaining countdown attempts will be remaining within 1 to 9 attempts.
  • On entering incorrect code more than 50 times, the screen will be displayed “Device Permanently Locked” and your device will be locked. You will have no choice but to bring the device back to the retailer.


Retrieving DiSa Number

So if you do not have Activation Code or have the incorrect Code printed on the account, after the failed attempt, it is not recommended to attempt repeatedly for the activation. This is the time when DiSa Number comes to rescue. It is absolutely possible to generate the PoSa Activation Code with the help of the DiSa Number. How? Here are the steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.getyourcode.com.
  • Locate the DiSa Number below the Barcode printed on the box.
  • Type in your DiSa Number on the given field.
  • Tap on Get Code.
  • Verify the Captcha.
  • If you enter your DiSa Number correctly, immediately the PoSa Activation Code will be displayed on the screen.


Retrieving Activation Code with DiSa Number


Support Centre

If you are unable to find the DiSa Number from the product or have any issue or technical difficulties while accessing Get Your Code portal, please click on Click Here To Live Chat under the barcode sign on the Get Your Code Home Page. Create a support ticket by entering the following information:

  • Choose the Category of Ticket Details.
  • Type in the Subject of your concern.
  • Type in the Message in detail on the box. You can also attach supporting files and add CC, BCC as co receiver.
  • Type in your full name, email address, and phone number.
  • Click on Create Ticket.

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