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by News Front Xyz July 03, 2020
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Get ready to know about Norton Security Standard Protect One Device :

Norton 360 is presenting you with superb layers of wholesome protection. Norton provides security for the protection of online privacy and connected device. Protect your PC, Smartphone, tablets, and Mac every moment from the attack from online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Norton 360 Deals right now starts from $39.00! Choose the best protection for your device today recommended by cyber experts worldwide.

About Norton :

Norton Antivirus is developed and marketed by Symantec Corporation. Norton is synonymous with providing enhanced anti-malware software and anti-virus plans. Features of Norton include computer security tools and features using the heuristics and signatures to identify and diminish the cyber virus. Malware, ransomware. It also provides all-round protection from phishing, e-mail spam, and filtering. Orton Antivirus is compatible with the Microsoft OS, macOS, and Linux. Distribution of Norton product is done via download, OEM software, and a boxed copy.

Why Norton :

Here are the reasons, why Norton should be your first preference as protector of your virtual world:

  • First-rate Technology: Team of security experts handling your Norton LifeLock threat intelligence network. With Norton, you are getting constant analyzing of the new threats of finding the best possible ways of device protection.
  • Unparallel Conduct: An award winner in the world of cybersecurity, Norton over-achieves its own achievements by bringing on sophisticated features in the field of cybersecurity. Norton is the highest winner of PC Magazine Editors Choice Awards among other security programs. It is also ranked as Number 1 Consumer Choice for Consumer Security Product Performance Benchmarks 2016.
  • Effortless Usage: Norton 360 can be installed quickly. It allows you to administer safeguards for all your handheld and computing devices with a single subscription. And the best thing? Your single subscription will single-handedly protect up to 10 devices at a time without any lag!

Norton 360 Packages :

Norton 360 comes up with the LifeLock in the following three packages:

  • Norton 360 Standard.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe.
  • Norton 360 Select.

Norton LifeLock’s award-winning software makes way for professional strength protection. Norton 360 seamlessly integrates with computer owing to the easy installation process. Norton 360 guarantees the best protection to your device against viruses with dynamically proven results. Safeguard your important data files and online activities with a strong shield against identity threat and cybersecurity threats.

The best part of installing the Norton 360 is that it runs quietly in the background without any interruption. With a host of reliable security technologies and tools, it assures complete protection without hampering the overall performance e of the device. Whether you are using for single or multiple devices, Norton 360 is you, go-to-go cybersecurity protector, for individual usage as well as a small business working environment. Norton 360 assures compatibility with all the devices with Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Norton 36 assures free technical and customer support available 24/7 hours. Though it runs on various platforms, it ensures the same amount of protection as per the device capacity and the threats running. The host of key technologies enables the device to independently run.

Tools of Norton 360 :

Norton 360 comes up with lifesaving features such as start-up manager assistance, firewall capabilities, parental control, system protection tools, and anti-phishing monitoring. Apart from that, it ensures your computer remains safe from online hackers by automatically detecting harmful botnet.

Secure VPN: Avail Secure VPN features with a single click to secure your connection each time you are online. It also provides online security even with the public Wi-Fi connectivity. Prevent the cybercriminals from accessing sensitive and persona information and data intercepting your connection with the end to end personal information encryption.

Parental Control: Keep track of your child’s online activity and detecting the potential cyber threats and dangers by activating the all-round Parental Control feature. With easy to use tools, you can customize and set up the screen time limits, monitor search systems, block malapropos sites facilitating a safe environment on inclusive activity history.

Device Security: Norton keeps your device totally secured while you blissfully go on with your shopping, posting, and banking. Real-time protection of PCs, tablets, and smartphones against the ransomware, malware, spyware, viruses, and the plethora of online threats detecting and blocking the pirated traffic; effectively protecting your financial and privy information whenever you are online.

Managing the Password: Are you using the same password for every account? Do you have a habit of writing your password on a sticky note? Do not worry about going your credentials vulnerable with Norton’s Password Manager Feature. Create, store, and manage all the passwords with the secured Password Management tools. Protect your credit card information and other sensitive credentials securely and safely in your individual completely encrypted cloud-based vault.

100% Virus Protection Promise: Norton has only one mission: to keep your device absolutely safe from all kinds of online and cyber threats. Norton is confident in its overall safeguard against malware and antivirus. In case, anytime, your device gets infected despite the updates and appropriate measures, please give a call to the Norton ‘e Member Services and Support center for immediate on-call assistance. On the inability to solve your issue, get assured money back!

PC Control Backup: Devices such as computers, Smartphone, and tablets must be a storehouse of cherishing memories of photographs and videos which are extremely close to the heart and requires utmost protection and privacy. Apart from that, you may also have important documents, grade cards, income certificates, tax returns, and many more things stored in your device. And it is always recommended to backup your stored files to keep them safe. What best than Norton’s Cloud Backup facility keeping your crucial media files mad documents absolutely secured with their cloud-based ideal backup storage point. In case of data loss due to hard drive failures, attack of ransomware, stolen devices, you can retrieve backed up data anytime. The amount of cloud backup depends upon the plan that you have chosen.

SafeCam: Webcam is a perfect way to monitor the family, friends, and dear ones as well as the property. However, the streaming of your webcam content, if deciphered by the cybercriminals, will give them a daily view of your property, lifestyle, personal information as well as privy moments. With Norton SafeCam, you will get immediate alerts if someone is trying to access your webcam encryption or streaming and promptly blocks the unauthorized access.

Norton Antivirus

Norton LifeLock Edition :

Norton 360 has bee meticulously designed and programmed offering sophisticated features to all device users. From novice to professionals, experience accurate security and safety features in an efficient manner. If you have bought Norton 360 online, you can immediately download and start using it by installing the software to the device. Without compromising with sensitive information, deal with your sensitive data for Norton is here to save your day! Norton 360 keeps your hard drive clean ensuring smooth runtime to the files, programs, applications, and data.

Norton 360 is your only answer to bring in comprehensive explication for your cybersecurity requirements. Norton checks and updates with the latest virus definition and configurations every five to fifteen minutes. The avant-garde Norton LifeLock networking shields users from unwittingly visiting precarious and duplicitous websites. This ensures your personal data remains protected while commencing shopping or transmitting data online. The ingenious technology called a one-stop system for password and logins thwarts key loggers and from tracking your data as well as stops phishing scams.

Norton 360 2020 version utilizes much lesser memory space than that of other programs. That means, no loss of performance is assured while activating the protection. Moreover, Norton 360 turns off the unnecessary background programs running and hampering the RAM performance. It also fastens the start-up time making your PC smooth and fast. With Norton 360 Standard and Deluxe package, users will get features like detecting and deleting unnecessary and duplicate files, PC Backup operations, execute PC Tuneup, hard drive defragmentation while effectively protecting your files, and data when working on home as well as a public wireless network. It also provides identity theft protection.

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Contact Points :


Avail live chat support by visiting support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/contact and tap on Chat Now tab under Live Chat head. Available 24/7 hours.


Dial 000 800 100 7601 and get in touch with the customer support regarding your queries, request, and complaints. Available 24/7 hours.



Norton Tech Support

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