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How To Apply For Ram Credit Card

Looking for a guide to How To Apply For Ram Credit Card? Here you can find a detailed guide to the application procedure. The Ram Credit Card is backed by the First National Bank and is issued for the customers of the RAM motors. The card is also known as the FCA DrivePlus MasterCard. You can redeem points for motor parts, get your RAM, Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle serviced.

Application is easy at the webpage of the FirstBankCard. If you have received the pre-approved credit card offer from the bank then you can accept it at the webpage of www.yourbankcard.com/ram.

Benefits of the RAM Credit Card

  • The RAM Credit Card does not charge an annual fee for usage.
  • There is no limit on earning reward points on the RAM Credit Card.
  • The reward points do not expire for a period for seven years.
  • Using the credit card at an FCA dealership you get double reward points in value.
  • You would be awarded a $1,000 Bonus Certificate which is awarded when you purchase the next RAM vehicle within the first years of getting the credit card.
  • Using the credit card at the FCA dealerships you get special financing offers.

RAM Credit Card Rate and Fee

  • Annual fee of the credit card is $0
  • For balance transfers, you need to pay 5% or min $10
  • Late payment fee is up to $37.
  • You need to pay $35 for returned payments.
  • Variable APR rate of the credit card is 15.74%-26.74%.
  • Cash advance fee is 26.99%

Requirements for Application

  • If you wish to get the RAM Credit Card then you must be a resident of the United States.
  • You should have a valid SSN.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

How to Apply for the RAM Credit Card

  • If you wish to get the RAM Credit Card you must open the webpage of the RAM Credit Card. www.yourbankcard.com/ram
  • Once the website opens there will be the application section.
  • However, to begin you need to enter the Access Code and Reservation Number which is found on your letter.

Credit Card Application

  • The letter would be sent to you via email. Check your email inbox if you haven’t yet found the access code and reservation number.

Check Application Status

Willing to check RAM Credit Card Application Status? If you have submitted the application form you can check status making use of a few details.

  1. ZIP Code
  2. Last 4 digits of SSN
  3. Home Phone Number


View Application Status


Commercial Credit Card Application provides the following:

  1. Business ZIP Code
  2. Last four digits of SSN
  3. Business Phone Number

Ram Credit Card Activation

  • Anyone who has just received the RAM Credit Card can activate it for use.
  • For credit card activation one needs to open the activation website of the RAM.
  • Once the website opens there will be the credit card activation section with guidelines to activate the card.

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Ram Credit Card Customer Service

Credit Card Payment Address-

Bankcard Payment Processing
1620 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68197-2210

Customer Service Contact Centre or report a lost or stolen credit card- 1-888-295-5540


The application procedure of the RAM Credit Card is easy. One just needs to have received the pre-approved credit card offer. You could even apply manually by filling out the application form at the website of the bank.

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