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by News Front Xyz May 11, 2020
Rebate Inquiry Online by Milano Promotion Services

Coupon Rebates are a wonderful way to grow your business and attract more and more customers who are seeking for a discount and savings. The specialized services rendered by the Milano Promotional Service is the point one thing required to build up the customer base real quick.


Create a coupon and make it happen

With the range of mind-blowing coupons, owners and dealers will be assisted with numerous tools and functionaries to improvise business. More and more business owners are availing the services of the Milano Promotional Services (MPC) as it is provisioning with the following functionaries:

  • From creating the coupons, regulating the detail associated with the distribution, and making payment to retailers, MPC handles everything like a real boss.
  • The customers enjoy a vast rate of faster payout facilities. MPC ensures each of the customers’ calls and queries is attended and handled with care along with the special emphasis on explanation. MPC is here for both business growth as well as customer satisfaction.
  • From picking up the orders, packing them, and dispatching it to the right to the doorstep of the customers, MPC is fabled for its exceptional services of delivering the order punctually without any compromise on the quality of delivery.
  • The barcodes of the coupons are created in both the EPS and PDF format. These barcodes are passed through test scans and thorough quality reviews before printing then and distribution to the customers.
  • Only uses GS1 Databar barcodes for every coupon program.
  • Printing services along with the specialized turnkey artwork designs in a complete format.


Nurturing the business

Milano Promotional Services have a team of experienced advertising agents specializing in the great range of coupons and redemption schemes while facilitating significantly larger savings in the redemption fees than existing service providers for a larger period of time. Milano Promotional Services are generally nurtured by the large scale, medium-scale as well as a small scale businesses to focus on a more customer-centric approach and increase the sales.  Focus on the growth; check every step of the excellence to get a nice treat of coupon joys.


Checking the status of Milano Promotional Services

Checking the status of your Milano Promotional Services is as easy as it gets. If you have recently shopped for a particular merchant and have won a coupon of the rebate, you must check the corner of the coupon for the company that is issuing. If it is issued by Milano Promotional Services, then you are in the right place.

The lucky customers would be able to check the status of their rebate promotion totally from online. No need to rush to the partner merchant store, no need to call anywhere! From the comfort of your own home, you can now check the status of your rebate with few simple and easy steps. For that, you only need to have the invoice if your purchase where the dealer name and the phone number will be mentioned duly.


Steps to check the status

Here is the simple step to know-how:


Rebate Inquiry Online by Milano Promotion Services

  • Enter the phone number you have mentioned at the POS at the time of checkout or the registered phone number in case of online shopping.
  • Type in the ZIP Code.
  • Enter the Last Name of the customer.
  • Type in the Dealer’s Name exactly as mentioned in the invoice.
  • Tap on Submit.

You can now check and track the status of your rebate including the date and approximate time of credit or delivery in case of cash or check. After that, you may click on Log Out to exit.


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Contact Point

As the first contact point, you must connect with the merchant from where you have obtained the MPS coupons.

In case you want to connect with the Milano Promotional Services:


Dial 18567868630.




Write a mail at:

2615 River Road,

Cinnaminson, NJ.




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