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by News Front Xyz May 29, 2020

In this time of pandemic of COVID-19, companies are switching to newly launched Immediate Response Program (IRP) to provide immediate financial assistance to its employees who are facing a shortage of fund s for treatment as well as daily requirements. The IRP was launched by The Emergency Assistance Foundation.

The disaster that has stuck the domestic and international community has created innumerable crises both in the medical and financial front. As a company, it is the responsibility of the employer to look out for the employees facing personal and financial hazards. If your employees have their assistance program activated and sorted out, it’s excellent. However, certain restrictions like tax deductions, the slow process can make it difficult for the employees to avail of the requisite assistance in time.


The motto of The Emergency Assistance Foundation

At Employee Assistance Foundation Inc.,(EAF) all the existing employee relief funds are optimized for the faster process with the transparent distribution. What more, it can effectively add and establish a new one too! Employee Assistance Foundation adheres to the best in the practice of the industry by improvising program performances via making the grant, surveillance, assertion, and crowd-sourcing. Avail the maximum benefit of the public charity tax for you and your employees with EAF.


Steps to avail the Immediate Response Program (IRP) Fund

It is easy to create efficient and effective employer-sponsored relief. All you need to is go through the following steps and get your company name registered with the Immediate Response Program under The Emergency Assistance Foundation.  Here is the clear cut process to execute the detailed plan step by step:

  • Make the Fund: Employer creates and gives the name (preferably the name of the organization/company) within the EAF portal. The employer’s Disaster Relief Fund and Employee Hardship program will be included here too.
  • Donation: Sharing is caring. A detailed channel of donation for the fund is created where employers can donate voluntarily or from the company fund. Even fellow employees can contribute. Through direct contributions and donation matching program, the fund-raising is constructed.
  • Acceptance of Application: After creating the funds, the employee seeking grants are enrolled to complete the fund creation. Subsequently, EAF will review the application.
  • Application Review: During the review, criteria like the transparency of the document submitted, if all the required information is there. EAF will contact the applicant in case any additional information required. Ext, EAF also determines if the applicant of the company registered is eligible for the grant. If approved, EAF determines the amount of the grant for the approved application.
  • Grant and Distribution: On behalf of the employees or employee applicants, grants are credited directly to services or vendors accessed for the wellness program.


Checking the status of Immediate Response Program

If you have already gone through the above steps and have created a fund with the EAF, you can check the status of your fund application from time to time from the portal.   Remember, only at the time of the active Immediate Response Program, your company’s name will be listed and the status of the company fund can be checked. Here is the easy method to check the status seven without logging in:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • A list will appear with the list of the names of the funds of the various registered company.


status of an Immediate Response Program


  • All the active registered funds will sure shot appear at the time of emergency or disaster.
  • Browse through and find out your company’s fund from the list given.
  • Click on the


Checking the status of Immediate Response Program


  • Type in the Fund Access Code.
  • Click on Submit.


Logging into Emergency Assistance Foundation Account

Beneficiaries, who wish to explore the full status of the fund and manage their funds and its disbursement from online must log in to the Emergency Assistance Foundation after obtaining the credentials post activation.

To login, please refer to the following steps:

  • Please log on to
  • On the extreme right side, click on the login
  • Type in the registered email address.
  • Enter the account password.
  • Click on Log In.

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Contact Point

In case of any queries, request or complaints regarding the application or availing of the funds from the Emergency Assistance Foundation, please refer to the following steps:

  • Log on to
  • Scroll down. Under the Contact Us menu, click on I Need Help with my Application/Grant if you are an applicant employee. Employer, who wishes to get help regarding fund registration, should click on I Want to Set-Up a Relief Fund.
  • One by one, enter the following information:
  1. Company Name.
  2. Email Address.
  3. Phone Number.
  4. Best Time to reach.
  5. Reason for Contact.
  • Please verify the captcha.
  • Click on Submit.




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