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by News Front Xyz July 01, 2020
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Tile – Perfect Solution to Find Your Keys, Wallet, or Phone :

Oh, you think you are the only one suffering from forgetting your keys, wallets, remote, and phone? Barring your phone, how many times you wished for a tracking device attached to your keys and remote? Finally here is a perfect example of desperate wishes coming true with Tile’s exclusive range of Bluetooth Tracker Product. Gift yourself and your loved ones with customized Tile.com Bluetooth devices to keep your non-connecting equipment such as keys, wallets, and other immobile objects and track them via Bluetooth whenever you are unable to find them!

About Tile :

Tile makes it possible to find everything that truly matters. Tiles devices are Bluetooth enabled where you can keep all the things. Download the Tile mobile app on Android /iOS and connect with the device. With the connectivity, you can now locate your daily essentials while using them for your routine facilitating convince and organization. Focus on what matters while letting the Tile do its job by tracking your commodities.

With adaptable finder, you can slide, attach, or stick things like keys, passport, pets, laptops, luggage, backpacks, document holders, wallets, and many more! That is, you can stick your compact tile device or thoroughly attach the slightly larger tile device and they are now connected all time with the Tile app on your Smartphone. It is basically a moderns age Bluetooth tracking device for all!

Finding with Tile :

The Bluetooth enabled devices of Tile are true love! Attach, stick them to your intended target or keep the intended things in it. Download the Tile App on your mobile. Start following these steps:

  • Connect your Tile app. Make sure your Bluetooth in your mobile is on and the Tile app has access to read your Bluetooth location.
  • From the Tile app, tap on the ‘Find’ button. Ring your Tile device to find it from nearby.
  • Do you know you reversely use your Tile device to locate your phone? Press twice on the Tile button on your Tile device. Your phone nearby will start ringing even if it is in the silent mode.
  • On your phone, you can use the Location to check the last time and place it was updated.
  • Are you nervous about losing your Tile completely in a larger space, say public space? Activate the innovative and super helpful Tile Community feature. Every phone running the Tile app will now anonymously help you to locate to find your device safely ASAP!

Activate your Tile connectivity by downloading the app and following the simple instruction for set-up.

Lost and Found Community :

As said earlier, Tile Community activation would help you to locate the Tile in a larger space if your mobile app is unable to locate it. It generally occurs when your Tile device is far away from the Bluetooth range. Then how the community helps? Tile connects the fellow Tile app users as part of a larger global community strengthening the power of finding. The motto of the Time Community feature is more is the connection; more is the possibility to find the Tile device of fellow users. Sharing the global sense of powerful finding in true sense!

Fact Trivia :

  • Do you know, every day, 6 million items are found by Tile!
  • Tile Community consists of 195 million of countries.
  • 90 % of Tiles that are marked lost are found with the help of the Lost and Found Community.

Such is the power of revolutionary connectivity!

Range of Tile Devices

Here, you will know the full range of cutting edge Tile device easing the lives around. Take a look!

  • Sticker: Cute and small waterproof stickers that can be stuck to anything and turn it into Bluetooth enabled finder! With strong adhesive to stick, it has an impressive range of 150ft with 3 years built-in battery.
  • Mate: Perfect and durable finder for everyday essential things. With the easily attachable feature, no fuss on finding your commodities. Comes with a long 200 ft range and replaceable battery for 1 year.
  • Slim: The slickest and stylish one of them all, it comes up in a credit card shape making it a perfect finder for passport, ID cards, credit cards, and more slipping two credit cards at a time easily. It comes with the louder ring, 200 ft range, and 3 years built battery.
  • Pro: The best of tiles with high-grade performance with loudest rings and longest of range keeping high tech gear safe and findable. Highly durable, this one has whooping 400 ft range and 1-year replaceable battery. Available in two colors.
  • Tiles+Skull Candy: Tiles have successfully partnered with Skullcandy so that you never miss your favorite hearing device’s earbuds whenever they get lost apparently. Always enjoy the full set by finding each earbud individually making your listening experience uninterruptedly flawless!

Quick Shopping Tile Device :

Aren’t they super tempting? Buy them from the official Tile site by following these steps:

  • Open your browser and visit www.gettilenow.com.
  • Choose your desired Tile line up device and tap on Shop Now below.

Tile Device Shop Now

  • Pick up your suitable pack as per your requirements.
  • Click on Add to Cart
  • Check the items in your cart.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • Select your Payment Method.
  • Add your Delivery Address.
  • Complete the payment to confirm the order.

Avail free shipping within the U.S. In case of any dispute or damage, 30 days guaranteed exchange or refund!

To know more about the premium features and wider range of devices, plans and offers, please log on to www.gettilenow.com

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Customer Support :


Text directly to the Care Team by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of your Tile app.


You can also connect with the Chat Support from the desktop version by clicking on the blue Chat Tab at the lower right corner from the Help Centre.

Time: Monday to Friday, 3 am to 7 pm (PST)

Saturday to Sunday, 7 am to 7 pm (PST).


Also for the desktop version, if you wish to connect with the Tile Team via email, you may click on send us a message link under Email Us, from Contact> Customer Support.

Submit a request by entering the following info:

  • Choose the issue from the dropdown list.
  • Type in the email address associated with the Tile account.
  • Choose the topic of help.
  • Write to the Subject.
  • Type in the query, requests, or complaint in detail.
  • You may add any screenshot, images, or documents as a reference to your concern.
  • Verify the captcha code.
  • Click on Submit.

You will get a response from the Care Team within one business day.

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