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Value Village

Value Village Overview:

Value Village is a global thrift retail icon. It is serving you with great quality clothing, accessories, household goods & more. Their business plan of recycling, purchasing and reselling help the communities to shop smartly and save a dozen. Value Village supports a lot of non-profit organizations by purchasing goods from them that overall aids the economy and revenue.

Value Village offers prime deals on clothing, accessories, hard goods, electronics, DVDs, books & more. Value Village owns over 300 thrift stores in the United States and Canada. It provides you with affordable deals on absolutely everything.

Here at Value Village, the company believe in recycling used products because if you can’t afford that new denim jean can buy it easily. It’s a privately owned company that aims to distribute happiness under a budget, you can help them by donating goods.

Value Village is now calling out the donators and you can help them to improve. They want to take this initiative to a whole new level but without your support, it isn’t possible.

Value Village gives excellent shopping experience for you residing in the United States. The company has more than 315 stores across the U.S with more coming up. The company has over 300 stores across the United States, which are run by 21,000 employees.

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Why Value Village Customer Satisfaction Survey:

ValueVillageListens customer satisfaction survey is located at www.ValueVillageListens.com gives you a chance to invest something in the company.

You can share your opinions, comments, complaints or suggestions, Value Village embraces every feedback if it’s based on true experience so that the company can serve better in the future.

Value Village is known for retailing second hand used products at an affordable price tag. They have been serving you for a long time with consistency and reliability so you can easily trust a store.

Every business needs to be modified and improved from time to time as expectations are evolving every second. Value Village understands the need of keeping up to the standards and requirements of you. That’s why the company have announced the ValueVillageListens customer satisfaction survey.

If you participate in this guest satisfaction survey, you can easily provide your honest feedback. It’s not a complicated survey, it is an easy survey so that you can easily figure out the process. From pointing out the odds to appreciating the services, Value Village customer satisfaction survey allows you to do it all.

The survey is carried out by the company to gather your feedback for analysing their performance and your satisfaction. It’s the only way the company can reach out to you for asking your honest opinions, suggestions, and comments.

You can help Value Village by donating. Value Village is calling out all of you if you have shopped or supported this campaign. Take part in the ValueVillageListens survey and win a discount on your next visit.

How to Win a Discount Code in Value Village Survey:


  • You must be a legal resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia to take part in this survey.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over at the time of participation.

Survey Requirements:

  • You must purchase or donate for getting a register receipt.
  • It’s required that you have a recent register receipt of Value Village to enter information like Survey Code, etc.
  • If you are taking part in this survey, you must complete it within seven days of their visit to Value Village.
  • It would be a plus if you can remember your last experience at Value Village.
  • You must have access to a smart device that is capable of running high-speed internet to browse this survey.
  • Make sure that you are accessing the survey page with a javascript and cookies enabled web browser.

Survey Restrictions:

  • You are restricted to one survey per household per month.
  • You can’t redeem the discount code on grand openings, sale days or with any other coupon or discount.
  • If you are employees, their family members, administration staff, affiliates, or connected with Value Village, you can’t take part in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • Discount code coupon isn’t redeemable for cash or any other prize.
  • Winners can’t redeem the discount code coupon after ninety days from their date of visit to Value Village.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • Enter the official website at ValueVillageListens.com
  • You will be warmly welcomed to take part in the ValueVillageListens survey.
  • You’ll be prompted on the welcome screen to choose one option. If you have made a purchase at Value Village, select the left option or select the right option if you have donated something.
  • You can change the language to Spanish by clicking on the blue “Espanol” link that is located on the bottom side of the ValueVillageListens survey page.

Value Village Listens Survey

  • You’ll be asked to enter some information that is located on your sales receipt or donor invitation card.
  • Make sure to enter everything as printed on your receipts for marching forward.
  • Answer the survey questions, provide your suggestions and rate your overall experience.
  • In the end, you’ll be given a discount code that can be redeemed on your next visit to Value Village.

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Qualification to Participate in Value Village Survey:

To qualify for the Value Village survey, you must have a purchase or donate items. You will get a receipt with a code. The purchase receipt has 19 digits while the donation has four digits. If you get an invitation through both receipts, use the purchase or exchange receipt.

Contact Info:

Phone: (425) 462-1515

Phone: 1-844-409-9655

Email: customercare@savers.com

Email: giftcard@savers.com


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