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Bluefin is an online payment platform that was launched in the year 2007 and its headquarters located in Georgia and has offices in various countries such as Ireland, New York, Chicago, and Waterford. It offers secure payment technology for retailers, enterprises, small to medium-sized businesses throughout the globe via an open platform that enables software vendors to integrate services of Bluefin directly into their applications. The company supports payment gateways, ISV’s and processors in more than twenty countries and it is designed to complement tokenization and EMV. Bluefin is validated by PCI and that is the reason it has a very strong security defence that protects against any data breaches. This company offers PayConex which is a secure platform that provides ISV partners and merchants with a payment platform for credit/ACH/debit/E-checking, recurring payments, and subscription.

Bluefin has an informative website containing a lot of beneficial information associated with the company.  You will get the details of all products and features from its website. As well as the company is having an efficient customer support team that is often available to provide answers to the queries/questions raised by its consumers.

What is the Login Process to Enter in Bluefin Online Account:

To meet your payment processing requirements, you can use Bluefin. If you have already registered for a Bluefin online account, you can easily enter to your account by following the steps that are given below:

Step 1- Visit the Bluefin website at www.bluefin.com

Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure

Step 2- Hit the “Merchant/Partner Resources” link posted at the top-middle of the portal

Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure

Step 3- Press on the “Bluefin Gateway Login” tab that can be found at the right side of the page. Please note that you will also find there other gateway login options.

Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure

Step 4- Type your Account, Login as well as the Password

Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure


Step 5- Enter the login button

You will gain access to your account if you have typed the correct account login details.

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Forgot Password:

Sometimes you may forget your account password, you need to go through the below instructions to reset your account password:

  • Tap the “Forgot password?” link located beneath the account login fields


Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure


  • Enter your Account along with the Login


Bluefin Online Payment Login Procedure

  • Press on the Send tab to create a new password

Please make sure that you have provided the login details which are linked with your account to avoid troubles during the password resetting process.

What is Process to Submit an Online Payment:

  • Go to the Bluefin official site by clicking here
  • Press on the “Merchant/Partner Resources” link
  • Then hit the “Bluefin Gateway Login” tab to enter your account login credentials.

Please make a note that you are needed to be logged on into your online account to transfer funds to another account.

More Information:

  • Website: www.bluefin.com
  • Telephone Number: 800-675-6573
  • Headquartered In: Georgia
  • Founded: 2007

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